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This site has been published here in order to present different sources of useful information to those visitors who might be interested in getting to know more about the the American Revolution, the city of Ticonderoga, NY, and the important role it played in our history, namely the making of a country that now stands proudly on its foundations, solid as a rock.

As a great philosopher once wrote, build your house up on a rock, and the foundations will forever be strong and solid and thus, your house will be able to withstand even the most frightening, irate of tempests, come what may, rain or shine. Thanks to the contribution and sacrifice of the ancestors of a great many of the current townspeople of Ticonderoga, the upholding of democracy and all the values deemed of import by the Founding Fathers of America have been made possible, some 250 years ago.

Visitors of this page who feel like taking the time to skim through the many interesting, different posts and articles published on this particular web site will be sure to find exciting info about the historical town of Ticonderoga and its many derivatives.

This particular region of the USA is famous for its rich history and the exciting role it played during the American Revolution, and among its many attractions, the one that might be worth mentioning the most is probably Fort Ticonderoga, along many other exciting historical places and buildings that can be explored.

The many posts and articles that can be found on this particular site are merely aimed at informing the reader and introducing them to different types of useful info that might help them get their facts straight and shed some light on the American Revolution and the founding and building of the country.