Capturing Fort Ticonderoga

Capturing Fort TiconderogaIn the year 1759, the British Royal Army made an attempt to gain control over the fortification and, this time, they were able to cause a French platoon be withdrawn from Fort Ticonderoga. A few years later, however, a historical capture of Fort Ticonderoga took place; during the American Revolutionary War, in the spring of the year 1775.

What took place was that a reduced number of bold soldiers conforming a squad headed by patriot and war hero Ethan Allen, in brotherhood of arms with Colonel Benedict Arnold, led the Green Mountain Boys, who overthrew the platoon of British army men that was holed up in the fort.

Different sorts of weapons and heavy artillery were taken from the fort, among them ball and gun powder cannons, military supplies and the biggest military vessel on all of Lake Champlain; all of which would later be taken to Boston and employed to increase the armament inventory of Dorchester Heights. This increase in armament would signify, later on, a victory at the Siege of Boston.

Even if the range of this military feat was somewhat small, it had a profound effect from a strategic standpoint. The most important aspect of this smart move was cutting off all sorts of communication between the different squadrons of the Royal Army, scattered and posted along the river, southward and northward. This signified the upper hand for the Continental Army and paved the way for the much celebrated invasion of Quebec later that year.

As mentioned before, much of the heavy artillery looted from Fort Ticonderoga was to be carried through Massachusetts all the long, winding way to the historical Boston Harbor. This is virtually one of the reasons why the Continental Army was able to effectively drive the British Royal Army far from the city.