Nearby Attractions in Ticonderoga

nhfortticonderogaFor those who are living in Ticonderoga or just visiting or perhaps attending school, there are always plenty of things to see, do and experience here. These can range from participating in activities or exploring the area, or even paying a visit to some of the impressive museums.

Following are just a few of the must see and attend attractions in the Ticonderoga area:

Penfield Homestead Museum

For those who have an appreciation for history, they are really going to enjoy the Penfield Museum whose mandate is to preserve the historical features of the iron working industry that took place during the 19th century in the North Country.

One of the many things that can be enjoyed here is learning about how this location where the first industrial application in regards to electricity transpired in the US.

It will take the visitor back in time to learn why this area was so important for the efforts that were put forth for the Civil War.

Star Trek Set Tour

For those who are avid Star Trek followers, they are not going to want to miss visiting this exceptional reproduction of the Star Trek series original set.

Square Eddie Expeditions

For those who love adventure and really want to get their adrenaline going, participating in some rafting and kayaking is one of the best adventures to enjoy here in Ticonderoga.

King’s Garden

For some down time and opportunities to check out great architectural buildings and landmarks, Kings Garden is the place to visit. It is filled with beautiful mazes of flowers and creates a peace and tranquility that will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Mt. Defiance

For those that don’t mind a little foot work to get to an area of spectacular beauty, a trip to Mount should be on the agenda. It may take a little bit of work to get to where you need to be to see one of the most beautiful views on Earth.