Visit to Ticonderoga: First Impressions

large_fort-ticonderoga-drone-2-smallTiconderoga is a town that is relatively small and is in the Southern part of Essex County in New York. The great name Ticonderoga is a Native American word that means “the part at the junction of two waterways”. The population of Ticonderoga is estimated to be around 5000 people. The town is rich in nature and beauty. There are lakes, streams, and even rapids, a perfect place for outside activities like hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Student Opportunities

Ticonderoga offers many opportunities for students. Graduates and those who are looking for internships have a lot of possibilities to practice their skills. In spite of the small population, there are colleges around town. Qualified undergraduates who have specialised in museum studies, military studies, public horticulture or history studies have the opportunity to get practical experience at Fort Ticonderoga.

Historic Sites

Fort Ticonderoga is one of the historic sites of the area. The French Army erected it in the 18th century. Troops used the Fort during the Indian and French wars. Other monuments include the pavilion and the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center.

Nature and Beauty

When it comes to nature, Ticonderoga has it all. It has rivers and two large lakes. Lake George and Lake Champlain converge in this small town offering a spectacular sight. Ticonderoga represents an excellent environment for vacations, picnicking or even team building activities.

Shopping and Dining

When you visit Ticonderoga, you will be fascinated by the range of products they have for sale. There are custom and regional merchandise, historically themed toys, books, games, and unique clothing, and own labeled condiments. Ticonderoga has delicious foods and mouth-watering salads. The drinks on the menus are superb, and the dining places are also great.

Ticonderoga is a unique town, and the residents are friendly. It is an ideal location to take your family for a vacation because they will have the best time ever. There are also events and special reenactments that happen every year.